The 2024 Annual Visitor Attraction Website Report Survey is now live

2024 Annual Visitor Attraction Website Report Survey launches to help attractions improve their digital infrastructure and enhance the visitor experience, moving from clicks to conversions.

Rubber Cheese in partnership with Convious and Expian is proud to announce the launch of the 2024 Annual Visitor Attraction Website Report Survey. This ground-breaking initiative was created to establish benchmarks specifically related to websites in the visitor attraction sector and provide valuable insights into user experience, booking journeys, mobile experience, and other areas that can make or break the online presence of a visitor attraction.

Following the success of the previous reports, which revealed eye-opening results about metrics such as add-to-basket rate, basket abandonment rate, bounce rate, conversion rate, load times, and more, this year’s survey will look to clarify that information, and identify longer term trends. 

By participating in this year’s survey, businesses will be able to share their insights and best practices and help shape the future of the industry. Once the data has been analysed a report will be published which will include a comprehensive analysis of the latest benchmarks and trends. It will provide participants with exclusive access to vital information that can help them make better decisions and drive their businesses forward.

“We have been delighted with the way the previous reports have been received by the industry and are excited to launch the third Annual Visitor Attraction Website Report Survey.” said Paul Marden, CEO of Rubber Cheese. “The previous reports have been a huge success and we are excited to see what insights this year’s survey will reveal. By participating in the survey, businesses can gain valuable knowledge and shape the future of the industry.”

The survey is open to all marketing professionals, managers, and digital professionals in the visitor attraction sector, and can be accessed here:

Take the survey here

The survey will close at the end of July, with the report set to be released in September 2024.

For media inquiries or more information, please contact Oz Austwick on


About Rubber Cheese

Rubber Cheese builds remarkable websites that deliver exceptional experiences for visitor attractions and tourist destinations.

Experts at creating engaging websites and digital applications that improve conversions, save resources and increase ticket sales.

About Convious

Convious is a leading data-driven all-in-one management platform for the experience economy. With expertise in online booking, dynamic pricing, and data analytics, Convious helps visitor attractions increase revenue and enhance the overall visitor experience.

About Expian

Expian is a an award winning, ticketing management solution for Tours, Attractions & Activity providers. We simplify and tie up the loose ends of complex ticketing reducing operational friction. By weaving together content and inventory to create truly magical experiences, we optimise for sales via multiple channels to maximise revenue potential.

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